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come tour our church, enjoy light refreshments,

and get your car washed!

SATURDAY, JUNE 1st 2024 FROM 12 - 4:30 PM


What is the Global Coptic Day?

Global Coptic Day (GCD) is celebrated on June 1st which also commemorates the celebration and Feast of the Holy Family’s visit to Egypt. 

GCD was inaugurated on 2019 to celebrate the church rich history and steadfastness in the Orthodox faith.

Learn more from His Eminence Metropolitan Youssef:

GCD Objective

Educate our community and the world about our Coptic Orthodox Faith and unite all copts around the globe to celebrate the beauty of our church and its rich heritage.


"My Coptic Pope" Contest

We are asking all Copts to record 1 or 2 minute short video, telling us about a coptic pope or patriarch from the first 10 centuries of our coptic church history, and what strong impact this pope has on your personal life. 

Contest rules:

  1. Videos must be submitted by May 15th, 2023.

  2. Your video must be 2 minutes long or less.

  3. State your name, age, city, state, and church.

  4. Tell us which pope you choose and his impact on your life.

  5. You pope must be from the first 10 centuries of church history.

  6. If you have a picture of the pope, please show it in the video.

  7. Videos could be submitted from any country around the globe.

  8. Only 1 videos per person per category will be accepted.

  9. Groups contestants must be in the same age category.

Categories and prizes:

  • There are 3 prizes for each of these categories:

    • 12 years old or less​

    • 13 - 20 years old

    • 21+ years old

  • Winners will choose a church to receive the prize amount on their behalf.

  • 1st prize is $1000, 2nd prize is $750, and 3rd prize is $500.

  • There will be ONE Grand Prize winner selected from the 1st place winners across all 3 categories. The grad prize winner will receive additional $2000 that will be given to a Coptic Orthodox church of their choice.

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